Veterans With Mesothelioma

Veterans With Mesothelioma

Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or any other asbestos-related illness may be eligible for VA benefits including VA Disability Compensation, healthcare benefits, and financial compensation from legal cases.
After they bravely fought for our country, thousands of military service members of the Armed Forces now confront a new battle—mesothelioma.
Asbestos was used extensively across all U.S. military branches, making veterans more likely to develop mesothelioma than those who did not serve in the military.
A staggering 33% of mesothelioma cases have been linked to U.S. Armed Forces veterans.

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What Is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is asbestos-related cancer. It is a rare form of cancer that affects the mesothelium, a thin layer of cells that lines most organs and cavities in the human body. It helps protect and facilitate the movement of those organs within their cavity. It also serves as a barrier, preventing foreign objects from entering those cavities. The mesothelium produces lubricating fluid which helps keep organs moving smoothly. This type of tissue is found in both the lungs and the abdominal cavity, among other places throughout the body.
Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that typically affects the pleural lining of the lungs, though it can also impact the peritoneal lining around the abdomen and pericardial lining around the heart.
The most common risk factor for mesothelioma is a history of working with asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos insulation was widely used during World War II and up until about 1980 when its dangers became known. People who worked in industries such as shipyards, construction, manufacturing, and mining are more likely to be exposed to asbestos and therefore have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma.
The development of mesothelioma can take many years after the initial exposure to asbestos, and the symptoms of the disease may not appear until decades later. The most common symptoms of mesothelioma include chest pain, shortness of breath, and a persistent cough.
There is no known cure for mesothelioma, and treatment options are limited. The main treatment options for mesothelioma include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The prognosis for mesothelioma is generally poor, as the disease is often not diagnosed until it has advanced to a late stage. However, early diagnosis and treatment can improve the chances of survival for some individuals with mesothelioma.

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Veterans Asbestos Exposure

The U.S. military used asbestos and depended heavily on its properties from the 1930s to the early 1980s.
Asbestos is a natural mineral. Due to its low cost and fire- and heat-resistant properties, it has become highly useful to military personnel.
During the majority of the 1900s, all military ships built by the United States contained asbestos. Trucks, tanks, and barracks were all constructed with materials containing asbestos — putting countless military service members unknowingly exposed to asbestos.
For veterans with mesothelioma, a service-related asbestos disease, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is there to provide assistance and benefits. Additionally, private legal claims against asbestos trust funds can be filed against the manufacturers of asbestos-containing products in an effort to receive financial compensation.

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Why Are Veterans Are High Risk Of Mesothelioma?

Products containing asbestos materials were found in military buildings and bases, in the planes, ships, and other vehicles they use, as well as their military equipment.
The makers of asbestos-containing products willfully kept the hazardous effects of asbestos fibers hidden, preventing knowledge of the health risks of asbestos exposure from reaching the government and the military, businesses and private industries, and the general public.
Unfortunately, this has put veterans at a greater risk of asbestos exposure during active duty and developing mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illness. However, health concerns did not begin to appear until after asbestos was widely used in military service.

Which Military Branch Has The Most Asbestos Exposure?

Navy veterans had the highest asbestos exposure due to the extensive use of the material throughout their navy ships and shipyards in order to provide fireproofing and salt corrosion resistance. Asbestos products were found all over these vessels and yards, putting all Navy personnel at risk.
Inhaling asbestos dust and fibers can lead to asbestos-related conditions, such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. Navy vets who served aboard aircraft carriers, destroyers, battleships, submarines, cruisers, and other vessels were all at risk of inhaling asbestos fibers.
Data from a 2022 study revealed that Navy veterans who were involved in the maintenance and repair of equipment, pipes, and pumps were exposed to the highest levels of asbestos exposure. Additionally, workers dealing with lagging or other forms of asbestos insulation on boilers and pumps of navy ships experienced a significant amount of risk as well.
Results from the International Journal of Radiation Biology’s 2019 study on mesothelioma rates among veterans of nuclear weapons testing concluded that radiation exposure was not a contributing factor in developing the disease. Instead, the highest occurrence of veterans with mesothelioma was seen amongst enlisted Navy personnel and asbestos exposure occurred with regular contact with asbestos products.
The all other military branches that used asbestos-containing products — Army, Air Force, and Marines — had lesser asbestos exposure during active duty than the Navy due to fewer use of asbestos products on their buildings and vehicles.
However, any veteran who served in any branch of the U.S. military could be at risk of developing mesothelioma due to the use of asbestos in their equipment and products.

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What Is Secondhand Asbestos Exposure?

Unfortunately, military veterans were not the only ones who were exposed to asbestos. Some of the family members of the veterans suffered from secondary asbestos exposure.
Fibers enter the home when they attach clothing or hair. Almost everyone could be exposed inside. These were particularly dangerous situations when military personnel were stationed and lived with their family members at a military base.
Secondary asbestos exposure could be the cause of mesothelioma cases diagnosed in individuals who have never handled it directly.
Other problems with asbestos are that many retired veterans still work in the same field when they are still serving.

How Are Veterans With Mesothelioma Diagnosed?

Diagnosing mesothelioma in veterans can be a challenging process. Common symptoms, such as chest pain, respiratory problems, and fatigue, can also be indicative of other conditions. For an accurate diagnosis, veterans should consult with a doctor who is experienced in diagnosing mesothelioma. There are several procedures that may be used, including X-rays, CT scans, and biopsies.
Together these tests help to determine the location and extent of mesothelioma growth before treatment begins. Additionally, genetic testing for certain biomarkers is often needed for a definitive diagnosis of veterans’ mesothelioma.

What Are The Treatments Available For Veterans With Mesothelioma?

Treatment for mesothelioma in veterans is typically provided by a team of healthcare professionals, including an oncologist, pulmonologist, and radiologist. Depending on the stage and severity of the cancer, treatment options may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or a combination thereof.
Chemotherapy involves using drugs to destroy or stop cancer cells from growing, while radiation therapy uses high-energy beams to reduce tumor size or slow the growth of tumors.
Surgery may be used to remove tumors located in the pleura or other affected areas. Additionally, palliative care aimed at relieving symptoms caused by the disease can also be used to make veterans more comfortable.
Alternative treatments such as immunotherapy or targeted therapies may also be recommended for some patients depending on their medical situation. Ultimately, it is important for veterans to discuss all available treatment options with their doctor before making any decisions.
Clinical trials represent another potential treatment option for mesothelioma in veterans. Clinical trials are designed to evaluate new treatments and medications for safety and efficacy compared to traditional methods.
Participation in new studies often offers veterans access to potentially life-saving therapies not yet available elsewhere. During a trial, patients may be given a combination of medications or therapies that work together.
Clinical trials are typically conducted over a period of time, during which participants must meet certain criteria and attend regular check-ups so health care providers can monitor progress.
It is important for veterans to discuss the risks/benefits of participating in a clinical trial with their doctor before making any decisions.
Quality of life is an important factor to consider when treating mesothelioma in veterans.
Palliative care, which is aimed at relieving symptoms and improving quality of life while undergoing treatment, is available for veterans with mesothelioma. This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional counseling or other services that can help ease the burden of disease while they undergo treatments.
It is also important to note that many organizations exist to offer emotional and financial support to veterans and their families during this difficult time. Connecting with these resources can provide valuable assistance and support as veterans face the challenges that come with a diagnosis of mesothelioma.

What Are The VA Benefits For Veterans With Mesothelioma?

Veterans affected by mesothelioma or lung cancer due to asbestos exposure are eligible for a wide range of VA benefits and programs. These include disability compensation, healthcare coverage, and other financial assistance.

The Veterans Affairs (VA) considers mesothelioma and other illnesses associated with asbestos exposure as qualifying for disability benefits should your exposure to asbestos be linked to your service. It does not matter if you are no longer actively serving in the military.
These benefits are provided to help offset the significant costs associated with treatment and care.
The VA benefits also offer comprehensive health care benefits to veterans suffering from asbestos-related illnesses, including access to specialized treatment plans tailored to one’s individual needs. These may involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and palliative care options in order to help manage their symptoms.
Through the Veterans Community Care Program, eligible veterans have the opportunity to receive care from a local provider or mesothelioma specialist outside of a VA facility.
In addition to medical treatment, the VA also helps veterans with vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance so they can have the opportunity to make a smooth transition back into civilian life.
The VA has special programs for those exposed to asbestos during their service in specific branches or wars, and these programs can provide additional assistance.
With the help of these VA Mesothelioma Benefits, many veterans have been able to get the resources they need to manage their illnesses. These services are available to all eligible veterans and their families, making them an invaluable resource when it comes to managing mesothelioma.

The VA provides detailed information on federal laws that protect the rights of veterans suffering from asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma or lung cancer. This includes guidance on the legal framework around disability benefits, wage replacement programs, and other forms of financial compensation that can assist in covering treatment costs not covered by insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid.

Veterans Affairs also offers counseling services for those affected such as peer counseling sessions with other veterans facing similar issues and structured grief counseling sessions conducted by licensed professionals uniquely trained in caring for those who are dealing with illnesses like these.
In addition, there are many benefits available to those struggling with such conditions, including financial aid and counseling services. This means that veterans suffering from illnesses related to asbestos exposure have the opportunity to take advantage of unique opportunities that can help them build important skills needed for career advancement.
Through Veterans Affairs, veterans affected by asbestos-related illnesses like mesothelioma or lung cancer can access a comprehensive range of educational and vocational training programs. These programs provide specialized assistance for veterans to aid them in finding success in their recovery process and transitioning from military to civilian life.
The VA is an invaluable resource as it offers an extensive selection of options especially designed for those affected by this disease, enabling them to manage their health difficulties more effectively and achieve greater success in life.

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What Is A VA Disability Claim?

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has numerous programs dedicated to helping veterans who are dealing with disabilities related to their service. A VA disability claim is a request for compensation from the VA for any physical or mental disability that is related to military service, either active duty or reserves. To file a VA disability claim, eligible veterans must provide documentation to support their claim and should do so as soon as possible after experiencing the condition or realizing it is related to their service.
The VA will assess each claim on a case-by-case basis and can approve claims based upon different levels of impairment, ranging from 0% (no impairment) up to 100% (permanent total and disabling). After filing a claim, veterans may receive an initial determination letter regarding their benefits in the mail, however if they disagree with the decision they may appeal it through the appropriate channels provided by the VA.
Eligible claimants may be awarded monthly payments, medical care and treatment at no cost from the VA healthcare system, and compensation for dependents and other associated financial aid depending on their level of disability rating and other factors. The amount of benefits one receives for their approved claim depends on many things such as the severity of your condition, whether you have dependents, your income and employment status, as well as other factors specific to each veteran’s situation.
If you are considering filing a VA disability claim due to injury or illness believed to be connected to military service it is highly recommended you seek legal advice before proceeding with your application.
If you are considering filing a VA disability claim due to injury or illness believed to be connected to military service it is highly recommended you seek legal advice before proceeding with your application.

What Is a Claims Agent?

A VA claims agent is a qualified professional that has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans navigate the claims process.
A VA-accredited claims agent is experienced and knowledgeable in VA benefits and policies. They can assist with filing, preparing, and submitting claims for veterans’ disability compensation, pension, education, health care, and burial benefits.
They can also provide assistance with appeals, as well as represent veterans before the Board of Veterans Appeals. With their expertise and advocacy, they ensure that veterans get what they have earned through honorable military service.

How To File For Mesothelioma VA Benefits Claim?

To apply for a VA benefits claim or an appeal, veterans can work accredited attorney, a claims agent, or a Veterans Service Officer (VSO).

Working with a licensed VA-accredited mesothelioma lawyer, who is more familiar with the legal system involved in the VA claims process to receive all the veterans benefits, can help you: 

a. secure your doctor’s official statement and notes detailing your asbestos exposure caused your mesothelioma cancer 

b. build detailed evidence that links your asbestos exposure to your time in the military service 

c. collect medical records including an official mesothelioma diagnosis 

d. show proof that you were not dishonorably discharged during your time in the military

Aside from mesothelioma veterans benefits, a mesothelioma lawyer can help you file for additional benefits or to file for an appeal if you have been previously denied from receiving VA benefits for veterans with mesothelioma.

What Are The Types Of VA Benefits for Mesothelioma?

Here are the most common VA benefits for veterans with mesothelioma:

VA Disability Compensation

With disability compensation, disabled mesothelioma veterans exposed to asbestos who developed a service-related disability receive a monthly disability compensation allowance to help cover basic living costs and medical treatment through the Veterans Affairs.
Upon filing for VA disability compensation, the amount of compensation a veteran receives is determined by their disability rating, which ranges from 10% to 100%.
Since mesothelioma has a disability rating of 100%, veterans with mesothelioma may qualify to receive the full available compensation amount.
As of December 1, 2022, the VA disability compensation is $3,823.89 per month.
The VA disability compensation is a tax-free benefit, regardless of income level and is not affected by employment history.

VA Pension (and Survivors Pension)

The VA pension received by veterans with mesothelioma and their families is a form of monthly payment from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that may be used for supplemental income, medical expenses, or long-term care costs.
The amount of VA Pension benefits depends on the veteran’s financial resources, length of service, and other factors. Eligibility requirements must be met in order to receive VA Pension benefits.
This type of benefit is available to veterans who served during wartime and with an income that didn’t exceed the limit. The VA pension supplements the difference in the current income from the maximum pension rate provided by the Congress.
To be eligible for a VA pension, as of December 2022, the total net worth must not exceed $150, 538. This also includes income earned by the spouse if married.

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)

For veterans with a disability that requires medical care from another person, the Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) may be available in addition to regular disability benefits.
Since Mesothelioma is considered a total disability by the VA, veterans with mesothelioma may qualify for SMC.
The application process for VA benefits can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring the compiling of paperwork, evidence of asbestos exposure, and potentially a disability appeal.
Working with a licensed VA-accredited mesothelioma lawyer can make the process of filing a VA claim and seeking compensation much easier and less stressful.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

The Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) is a monthly benefit for surviving parents, spouse, or child/children of veterans who passed away because of a service-connected disability.

As of December 1, 2022, DIC monthly payment rate is: $1,562.74 and is tax-exempt.

Are VA Benefits Taxable?

Depending on the type of mesothelioma benefit received, certain VA benefits may be exempt from taxation. For instance, VA disability compensation is not taxed, while standard military retirement pay is subject to taxation.

What Is The VA Health Care System?

The VA health care system provides veterans who are enrolled access to top-notch medical services in VA hospitals. These include preventive, primary, and specialty care, as well as home health care, geriatrics and extended care, and medical equipment.
With all of these options available, veterans can receive the highest quality of medical attention.
Veterans with mesothelioma can also access acceptable treatments and clinical trials that require little to no cost and there are multiple hospitals scattered across the country where these services are available.
The VA Health Care System works with mesothelioma doctors who are highly regarded and respected mesothelioma specialists in the country.
The Department of Veterans Affairs can also pay for travel expenses out of state to to go VA hospitals with mesothelioma specialists.

What Is The Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program?

The Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program (CMP) is a collaboration between the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation.
The program works to improve mesothelioma care by advancing early detection, diagnosis, and treatment options to ensure all patients receive the best possible care. The CMP provides education and support to healthcare providers, patients, and families affected by mesothelioma.
Additionally, they promote awareness of mesothelioma through research initiatives, advocacy efforts, and community outreach. As part of its mission to provide comprehensive care for people with mesothelioma, the CMP sponsors a variety of programs including clinical trials, patient navigation services, and financial aid resources. Is this information factual?

Are There Benefits Available For Other Asbestos-Related Diseases?

Yes. The Veterans Affairs offers financial compensation and medical care to those suffering from other asbestos-related illnesses, not just mesothelioma.
Veterans diagnosed with the following asbestos illnesses may also qualify to receive VA benefits:

a. lung cancer 

b. asbestosis

c. pleural plaques

The process for victims of asbestos diseases when applying is similar to veterans with mesothelioma so it is best to work with VA-accredited mesothelioma lawyers.

What Does A Veterans Service Representative Do?

The Veterans Service Representative assists military veterans in understanding their available benefit programs and entitlement criteria. They conduct interviews, analyze any potential issues, collect evidence, adjudicate all claims, and input data to generate the award and notification letter that includes the decision as well as the reasons for it.

Meldofsky Law is a national mesothelioma law firm specializing in asbestos-caused lung cancer cases. Our firm provides personal injury legal representation in mesothelioma cases as well as asbestos lung cancer claims.

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